There can be nothing more frustrating than your car’s otherwise flawless appearance gaining even the smallest scratch mark, or discolouration. Prevent your car’s decline in quality and bring it back to its former glory thanks to the methodical and high-quality solutions and services on offer from the team at Rapid Mobile Auto Detailing.
Dedicated to delivering the highest-quality car detailing and car cleaning, Doncaster motorists who care about the condition and outward appearance of their valued vehicle can trust our professional and passionate solutions and services.
Coming right to your door, Rapid Mobile Auto Detailing offers prompt and complete cleaning and detailing that Melbourne motorists can benefit from. By using the best materials and equipment we can bring back the shine and colour to your car with our generously priced cleaning and detailing packages. For more information about the best “car cleaning and detailing company near me” speak to the Rapid team.

See Why Doncaster’s Residents Trust Us For Expert Car Cleaning & Detailing

Cut and Polish Services in Doncaster and Nearby Suburbs

At Rapid Mobile Auto Detailing our skilled and highly experienced team know that blemishes and scratches can greatly deteriorate the colour and condition of not just the paintwork, but even the panelling underneath.

Committed to providing our valued customers with the same techniques and services that we would pursue for our own cars, guaranteeing that our family-owned company deliver industry-leading solutions for the best price.

Able to cut through even the toughest and most stubborn built-up droppings and dirt, while polishing the surface of the vehicle underneath.

Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection and Correction Services for Doncaster’s Residents

At Rapid Mobile Auto Detailing we endeavour to provide our valued customers with all the cleaning services and solutions that they need to protect and restore their vehicle’s paintwork. From highly resilient ceramic coating, to spotless and evenly applied paint protection, as well as personalised damage corrections services, we work with pride and confidence on vintage vehicles.

While the vast majority of our services can be completed at your place, coatings that require more time to be applied, or need multiple layers, are best conducted in an environment that is protected from the elements. Providing a free pick up, our team can collect your vehicle and transport it to our safe and secure garage to ensure a flawless finish.

Mobile Car Cleaning and Detailing in Doncaster and Nearby Areas

Have a look at some of the before and after photos on our website to see the outstanding finish you can expect from our mobile car cleaning. Doncaster locals can arrange for us to visit either their home or their workplace so that their car is cleaned while they get on with their busy day.

So much more than just a clean, we can provide the wax and polish that will protect your car’s duco and keep it sparkling. If there is a little more work to be done then we can buff out minor scratches and scuffs, providing the full detailing that will restore it to its former sheen.

For more information about our car detailing, Doncaster locals can give us a call on 0468 598 999.

Car Mobile Services Across Doncaster

Car Exterior Wash

Basic Clean

*From $95

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Basic Clean

Full Clean

*From $150

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Full Detail

*From $275

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Car wash

Pre-Sale Detail

*From $350

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Additional Services Provided To Doncaster Residents

  • Cut & Polish (* From $150)
  • Swirl Removal (P.O.A)
  • Overspray Removal (P.O.A)
  • Leather & Fabric Protection ($25 Per Seat)
  • Wax Coating (* From $80)
  • Ceramic Coating (* From $350)
  • Odor Elimination ($30)
  • Pet Hair Removal (* From $35)

* Indicates final price to be determined on inspection of vehicle. Depending on size of vehicle, work required & overall condition of car.

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