Every car owner knows that giving their car a clean does more than just make it look good. Routinely washing your vehicle prevents the build-up of corrosive elements and materials on the surface of your car, helping you extend its life.

As a family-owned company, the experts at Rapid Mobile Auto Detailing can deliver the exceptional car detailing and car cleaning Glen Waverley motorists need and require to bring out the best in their vehicles. This makes us the “car cleaning team near me” that Melbourne motorists can trust for the best results.

As a mobile car cleaning and detailing company, the team at Rapid promptly come to your location without delay, helping to clean your car from top to bottom without your car having to leave the driveway. Enjoy a convenient and efficient service today thanks to Rapid Mobile Auto Detailing!

See Why Glen Waverley’s Residents Trust Us For Expert Car Cleaning & Detailing

Cut and Polish Services in Glen Waverley and Nearby Suburbs

Over its life, a car will indirectly be the victim of bird droppings. While unsightly and giving your car a grotty appearance, bird droppings can also eat through protective coatings and discolour the paint underneath.
To help restore faded paint, peeling coating, or scratches that have been accumulated over time, the professionals at Rapid Mobile Auto Detailing can complete a spotless and efficient cut and polish service for Glen Waverley motorists, and other car owners, living throughout Melbourne’s metro area.
Our cut and polish services efficiently remove even the hardest dirt and droppings that have melded to the surface of your vehicle, while also buffing out scratches and scrapes and restoring the condition and appearance of the vehicle, and for a competitive price.

Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection and Correction Services for Glen Waverley’s Residents

Are you wanting to give your prized vintage vehicle the best protection possible for the best possible price? For superior and personalised car detailing, Glen Waverley residents can put their trust in the experts at Rapid Mobile Auto Detailing.

While other “car cleaning companies near me” may offer a limited range of services, the team at Rapid strive to tick all of our customer’s boxes with our extensive selection of cleaning and detailing solutions.

Covering everything from the ceramic coating, to flawless paint protection, and even correction services, our experts can make your car look brand-new no matter the condition. For more complex applications our experts recommend letting our team apply the protective coatings from our safe and secure garage. This allows us to work without the weather deteriorating the quality of the application.

Mobile Car Cleaning and Detailing in Glen Waverley and Nearby Areas

If you don’t have time to fit any more appointments into your busy schedule, then our mobile car cleaning gives Glen Waverly customers just the solution they have been searching for. Wherever your car is normally parked during the day – at home or at work – we will come to you and provide a comprehensive clean, or full mobile car detailing Glen Waverley locals can rely on to restore the original sheen and polish of their car.

Whether you are getting your car ready for sale, or just want to experience that new car feeling again, our mobile service, and free pick up and drop off for more extensive detailing provides the solution.

For more information about our effective and detailed detailing and cleaning packages, give us a call on 0468 598 999.

Car Mobile Services Across Glen Waverley

Car Exterior Wash

Basic Clean

*From $95

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Basic Clean

Full Clean

*From $150

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Full Detail

*From $275

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Car wash

Pre-Sale Detail

*From $350

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Additional Services Provided To Glen Waverley Residents

  • Cut & Polish (* From $150)
  • Swirl Removal (P.O.A)
  • Overspray Removal (P.O.A)
  • Leather & Fabric Protection ($25 Per Seat)
  • Wax Coating (* From $80)
  • Ceramic Coating (* From $350)
  • Odor Elimination ($30)
  • Pet Hair Removal (* From $35)

*Indicates final price to be determined on inspection of vehicle. Depending on size of vehicle, work required & overall condition of car.

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